SOFIA's Vision & Mission

We are revolutionizing why we learn, what we learn, and how we learn

Why a revolution?  To lessen the impact of three accelerating global crises:

    1.    Machine Intelligence vs Employment
    2.    Skills Need vs Education
    3.    Global population explosion to 10 Billion


 A learning revolution will pro-actively manage these emerging crises:

    •    Why we learn: to boost our understanding (as opposed to knowledge or intelligence)

    •    What we learn: the skills corporations want most, but can’t find, namely creative

          problem-solving and strategic thinking

    •    How we learn: by AI guided construction of solutions to real world open-ended challenges,

         on a cloud-based platform



Sofia is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven app that helps STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) students & profesionals enhance understanding and confidence.

Most brain boosting applications today use Question & Answer methodology, where the user asks a question and gets an answer, much like when using Google. Their focus is IQ, not understanding.

Sofia takes a new approach where the user asks a question and Sofia generates a set of questions in return to help the user form their own answer, increasing understanding of difficult mental tasks.

Sofia’s AI-engine is fully operational and patent pending; the team is currently in development of front-end functionality and content, moving towards the completion of a consumer-facing Beta.